2 Weeks to OBI 12c

Vlamis knows Oracle BI

  • Worked with Oracle on the BI 12c Beta program
  • Used BI 12c since February 2015
  • BI Developer Day
  • Author of multiple books
  • 25+ year history
  • Consult with Oracle product management
  • Multiple Oracle ACEs

The Vlamis QuickStart OBIEE 12c program simplifies upgrades to OBIEE12c

  • Repeatable program
  • Leverages Oracle tools
  • Uses Baseline Validation Tool
  • Saves your staff time
  • Safe
  • Allows parallel testing
  • Allows for education
  • Much faster rollout

The Vlamis OBI 12c QuickStart

Your key to the new world of Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics and Visualization

  • Upgrade your OBIEE 11 implementation to 12c in 2 weeks. You'll see your data in a live 12c instance. (QuickStart duration based on availability of customer data and approval cycles to engage)
  • Understand and leverage a multitude of 12c features including Visual Analyzer and data mashups.
  • Analyze and visualize your data in a controlled, non-intrusive environment.
  • Understand optimal deployment and migration strategies when you're ready to move.
  • Gain valuable skills and insight for business users, IT architects and administrators.
  • Add predictability and streamline your production cutover and deployment.

The Vlamis OBI 12c QuickStart Methodology

  • Initial health check of existing architecture
  • Deliver pre-templated 11g and 12c environments ready to access your data (multiple options available based on individual needs).
  • Migrate Source in from Staged 11g environment.
  • Migrate Target to a Staged 12c environment.
  • Service includes migration of high value artifacts to Expose 12c to business users.
  • Environments are left with you to gain valuable experience using and operating 12c.
  • Environments also serve as platforms for education and training.

Week 1

Goal: DW OBIEE QuickStart Source ( Complete

  • Meet with Stakeholders.
  • Introduce QuickStart Architecture.
  • Introduce 12c New Features (high level).
  • Discuss Goals and Success Criteria.
  • Verify data access logistics.
  • Identify target data, reports, analyses, dashboards.
  • Gather Data and OBIEE Artifacts from existing system.
  • Start migration process.
  • Phase 1a (Data Warehouse Subset)
  • Access Subset (either direct access or export).
  • Verify QuickStart VM access to DW Subset.
  • Phase 1b (Customer extract to OBIEE VM).
  • Status Review: Identify and resolve any issues.

Week 2

Goal: Project Complete

  • Complete migration process (OBIEE to 12.1.x.x).
  • Verify that all artifacts properly moved and DW accessible.
  • Meet with Stakeholders to present migration results.
  • VA Day: Meet with Stakeholders to introduce Visual Analyzer.
  • Complete migration process document.
  • Discuss next steps where appropriate.
  • Close out QuickStart Project.

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