Vlamis Presenting Faster and Smarter Data Warehouses with Oracle OLAP 11g

Last week I was in Dallas and Chicago presenting a seminar on "Faster and Smarter Data Warehouses with Oracle OLAP 11g".  The turnout for the event was great--with no room left in the conference room in the Chicago Oracle office!  The audience was very engaged even after three hours going over the high-level benefits, then drilling down into the technical details.  I showed OBIEE running against a standard star schema (the newly developed DM demo schema) and then the dramatic performance improvements realized when using cube organized materialized views against the same star schema.  Interestingly enough, the audience seemed most engaged when showing SQL statements in SQL Developer--with and without Oracle OLAP.  The performance benefits are truly amazing.

I'll be presenting this again in Kansas City tomorrow.  Please let me know if you'd like to see this in your city or if you have an interest in a webcast on this topic.  Recognize that the full presentation is three hours!  You can find PDFs of the PowerPoint slides I used with our papers and presentations page under "Faster and Smarter Data Warehouses with Oracle OLAP 11g".