Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Released Today!

Today, Oracle has released OBIEE 11g! It is ready to download from OTN today. Just follow this link.

We have been on the Beta program since last year and have found this release to be fantastic! We were the most active on the beta calls that we participated in. There are still a few rough edges, but over the last few months most of these have been ironed out, but it certainly is ready for the rest of the world to jump in and start using it.

Today is also the first time we have seen the 64-bit version! Believe me when I say you really want to use it in a 64-bit environment if you can. If you want to run it on a single machine along with the database server you should not try it on a 32-bit system, especially Windows. Memory in 32-bit Windows and Linux is limited to about 3.2GB. This version of OBIEE along with Weblogic requires a lot of memory, more that 3.2GB if possible. This is a know issue and Oracle is working on it and we may see things change in a follow-up patch. But for now, it will be much better to  put it on a server with 4 to 6GB of RAM. I am installing the 64-bit version right now and will replace our 32-bit image once it is up.

We are very excited that it has finally gotten out the door! Vlamis Software Solutions will be offering several new services around OBIEE 11g, including new training geared to help existing OBIEE users get up to speed on the new version, along with a total revamp of our OBIEE training, including Online, CBT and conventional onsite training. Give us a call and ask about these offerings along with some of our new quickstart programs.

For more information about Oracle OBIEE 11g please go to the launch Microsite for additional information on features and download links.