OBIEE Released

We've been hearing about OBIEE for a while now.  It's finally being released.  This is the first release after, the initial release of OBIEE 11g.  So for those that were waiting for the "first patch release" of 11g, it's now safe to get into the water.

The key items in this release from our standpoint are:

  • Full support for the iPad
  • Full support for OLAP sources including Essbase and Oracle OLAP
  • Reduced memory requirements for Weblogic
  • 64-bit BI Admin Tool

Indeed, on the first item, we were involved in a presentation that showed this in Chicago in March, 2011.  It is very cool.  It's running full OBIEE on your iPad or iPhone.  Hmmm...I seem to recall that it requires at least the iPhone 3GS.  I'll have to get that validated.  It may be time for a new phone!

On the second item, if this does what we have been told, this makes it VERY simple to expose Oracle OLAP cubes to OBIEE.  Simply point to the OLAP cube as a source in BI Admin tool and you can query it.  No more having to use the AWM plugin to look at OLAP data.

On the third item, Weblogic takes a lot of memory.  For all practical purposes, this meant that OBIEE required a 64-bit OS to address more than 4GB of memory.  In this version is supposed to be a reduced memory footprint of Weblogic.  We will be testing to see how skinnied dow this is.

Finally, we have wanted to have a 64-bit admin tool for quite some time.  I have 64-bit Windows 7 on my laptop.  As a result, every time I wanted to even look at the Admin tool, I had to remote desktop or start up a virtual machine.  I'm looking forward to having a 64-bit Admin tool at my disposal.  Hmmm...I seem to recall that there is no separate install planned for that.  How long until someone figures out how to rip the 64-bit Admin tool out of a full installation and make it run standalone?

We'll let you know when we have validated the features and keep you posted on our testing.  Thanks, Abhinav for posting your blog entry!  The software should appear shortly here.