Take your BI to the next level with the new Simba XMLA for Oracle

Simba is launching an exciting new offering that enables powerful query and analysis of your multi-dimensional data.  With the new Simba XMLA Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0 (Simba XMLA for Oracle) you can connect to your OLAP cube from any business intelligence client that issues XMLA commands.  Continue to use your favorite BI applications such as SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, IBM Cognos or Microstrategy – simply connect to the XMLA service and everything works!   

 In conjunction with the release of XMLA for Oracle, we are providing an informative and dynamic webinar at 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST/on December 13, Cognos Software on Simba XMLA for Oracle.  

  • See how familiar business intelligence applications such as IBM Cognos can connect to an Oracle OLAP cube,
  • See how ad-hoc querying and data analysis can be performed directly in IBM Cognos on your OLAP data,
  • See how the most advanced application that responds to XMLA requests available enables users to interactively build reports, drill into details and slice and dice data,
  • See how connectivity can be established without the need to install any software on the client machine,
  • Simply connect to the XMLA service and everything works!  Join us to see how!