Oracle OLAP Data Load Sets World Record

Check out Oracle's Best Perf blog post about the worl-record breaking OLAP capacity that ran on their Sparc T4-4 server.

SPARC T4-4 Produces World Record Oracle OLAP Capacity

Oracle's SPARC T4-4 server delivered world record capacity on the Oracle OLAP Perf workload.

  • The SPARC T4-4 server was able to operate on a cube with a 3 billion row fact table of sales data containing 4 dimensions which represents as many as 70 quintillion aggregate rows (70 followed by 18 zeros).

  • The SPARC T4-4 server supported 3,500 cube-queries/minute against the Oracle OLAP cube with an average response time of 1.5 seconds and the median response time of 0.15 seconds.

Performance Landscape

Oracle OLAP Perf Benchmark
System Fact Table
Num of Rows
Median Response
Average Response
SPARC T4-4 3 Billion 3,500 0.15 1.5

Configuration Summary and Results

Hardware Configuration:

SPARC T4-4 server with
4 x SPARC T4 processors, 3.0 GHz
1 TB main memory
2 x Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array

Software Configuration:

Oracle Solaris 10 8/11
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition with Oracle OLAP option

Benchmark Description

OLAP Perf is a workload designed to demonstrate and stress the Oracle OLAP product's core functionalities of fast query, fast update, and rich calculations on a dimensional model to support Enhanced Data Warehousing. The workload uses a set of realistic business intelligence (BI) queries that run against an OLAP cube.

Key Points and Best Practices

  • The SPARC T4-4 server is estimated to support 2,400 interactive users with this fast response time assuming only 5 seconds between query requests.