Oracle Advanced Analytics Announcement

Announcing the New Oracle Advanced Analytics Option to the Oracle 11g Database Enterprise Edition
Oracle Advanced Analytics combines Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise into a comprehensive platform for real-time analytic applications and delivers cutting-edge insight into business subjects like customer churn and lifetime value prediction, optimal product bundle pricing, and fraud detection.

Oracle R Enterprise opens a whole new frontier of analytic capabilities and brings the full power and scalability of Oracle to the open source R programming language community. For years, R has been the preferred open source solution for academic and research institutions engaged in advanced analytics and computational statistics. R has an enormous library of algorithms, scripts, and visualizations that can now be deployed directly within an Oracle Database 11g instance providing unlimited scalability, security, and redundancy. Learn more about open source R here

Oracle Data Mining is a collection of powerful algorithms, APIs, and native SQL functions that now have an object-oriented programming interface. These capabilities open a world of business needs to be addressed through automated clustering techniques, regression and classification algorithms, market basket analysis, and decision trees. Everything is housed within the Oracle Database 11g environment for maximum scalability, security, and speed. The data stays where the data belongs, in the database. Learn more about Oracle Data Mining and Advanced Analytics here

Customers with current Oracle Data Mining licenses can extend their licenses to include the Advanced Analytics Option at no cost. Please contact us for instructions on how to do so.

We are very excited about this breaking news and look forward to Oracle leading the way in Advanced Analytics.