Questions from BIWA TechCast

We had a fantastic turnout for the BIWA TechCast on February 29!  The number of questions was a bit overwhelming.  In an attempt to at least capture the questions, I'm posting them here.  If I get a chance, I will try to address at least some of them.  The order is a bit scrambled here.  Sorry I don't have the chronological order. Answers to the questions I had time to address will be in the recording once it's been transcoded. You can find the PPT on our papers page under BIWA SIG TechCast.

Here are all of the questions, unedited.

Q: Great presentation!
Q: Any idea when support for Andriod devices will be available
Q: How does it integrate better with Hyperion?
Q: changes with contextual menus in the analysis would this be considered a report customization that users can save?
Q: IE 7d 8 had performance issues with OBIEE 11g,any fixes for IE with
Q: IE 7 and IE 8
Q: Go Dan !!
Q: Is this Favorites feature is for only admin or it can be enabled to all users?And what is the Max capacity of favorites it can hold?
Q: What about upgrade from to 11.1.16?"
Q: For the catalog, are there  any direct hooks into  version control systems?
Q: Can you now control the options available in the toolbar?
Q: Directly upgrade from to
Q: Is there a method that will prevent a dashboard page from running upon first entry so that the report doesn't run until you can select your prompt values and then click go?
Q: Is there any schedule for 1.7 release?
Q: Any word on header freezing on analysis?
Q: Could you speak a little more on the patchrpd utility? Or what is a good example of using the utility?
Q: Are all the changes related to dynamic interaction (go-less prompt, search while you type, no apply etc) apply only to with Exalytics or do they apply to previous versions as well?
Q: Thanks Dan.
Q: Amongst your dashboard prompts I noticed a prompt of a slider type. Is this new in .6 or it's been the before.
Q: Have Oracle provided the ability to redirect unauthorized to a custom page? We have a customer whose LDAP users may log in into the BI portal, but they'd get to an empty catalog page if they don't have any OBIEE permissions, instead of bounced out of the system.
Q: If you use a right click context command, how do you 'undo' to return back to the original table?
Q: Are there any integration enhancements for integration OBIEE and BI Publisher with WebCenter, UCM, SOA Suite and BPEL/BPMN Suite?
Q: Dan - for ""generic"" list of favorites, there are now ways to add custom menu items - that would be best way to implmemt this
Q: Also, we found to be buggy to the point that we haven't been able to go live with it. Does your experience with give any indications that it's more stable?
Q: Dan, is sample app available for I tried to find it but wasn't able
Q: Dan - there is an option on selection steps to clear them out and return to all
Q: Does the MDS XML Repository help with multiple developers accessing the same online RPD?
Q: Currently we are seeing eroneous erros when having 4-5 developers in a single online RPD
Q: does the customized prompt reset button only work with exalytics or can you use it in the normal dashboard
Q: are the sparkline charts only available if you have exalytics
Q: is removing of the prompt buttons only available if you have exalytics
Q: how do you intall this release if you have the last release on you laptop?
Q: How is the Job Market for OBIEE Administrator, I looks easy but once it does production  See all the problems in Performance
Q: Surprised not to Safari in the browser list especially that the mobile seems focused on the ipad
Q: Is the way you have the page prompts set up also available at
Q: Can the end user update the selection steps? For example request to show all invoices and then select only invoices over $x
Q: nevermind seems to be a build/configure feature
Q: Can there be a generic favorite list independent of user logged in?
Q: in earlier release patchrpd was exiting if there are any warning in merging the RPD from one environment to another. Is it resolved in this release?
Q: when will be certified against
Q: how do we upgrade from to this release?
Q: Scorecard strategy wheel... do you have to license Balanced Scorecard or can you use it based on your own data
Q: In redeploy upgrade from to - how is rpd merge taken care?
Q: Is Exalytics needed always for 11g, or can we upgrade to 11g without Exalytics hardware?
Q: Can you limit access to BI Home page? We have 10,000 LDAP users and only 500 needs OBIEE access. We could not do it in
Q: does this version bring weblogic Adminstration server high availability?
Q: How would you rate the incremental vaule of this new release with respect to the MapView capabilities and general handling of map content?
Q: earlier version of obiee 11g had performance issues with in-column drilling for Essbase / Oracle OLAP with multiple queries going to the datasouces. Did that issue get been resolved in
Q: Are there any major changes in Oracle Enterprise Manager?
Q: is Patching equivalent to MUDE Checkin/Check Out or Better than that MUDE Check in/Check Out Process. What will be the scenario where it should be applied?
Q: Can we have multiple Folder kind of representation in Subject Areas in RPD Presentation Layer? right now...Only one Folder kind of representation can be shown
Q: any updates on Section 508 compliance enhancements?
Q: for migrating from to is there any specific recommendation?
Q: What ETL tools are supported for the most recent BI Apps, besides Informatica?
Q: For all the expand / contract / right click features for tabular reports...does this work against any data source (i.e. relational data) or just against Essbase?