Oracle R Enterprise Blog

Mark Hornick's Oracle R Enterprise blog recently touted our new Oracle R Enterprise Test Drive link. If you haven't had a chance to read the blog (Marcos Arancibia and Sherry LaMonica also contribute), I highly recommend it. There's a large amount of excellent content and easily "grabbable" R scripts. Good examples are the recent post on managing memory in embedded R execution in the Oracle Database using the Garbage Collection function and doing Time Series Analysis in the Oracle Database using ORE. Dan and I did a presentation earlier this year comparing the Holt-Winters forecasting function in Oracle OLAP (triple expononential smoothing) with ARIMA (auto-regressive integrated moving average) models in R using the forecast() package. I wish Marcos's blog entry on time series was available when we were putting the session together!

These are exciting times for Oracle Advanced Analytics. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to Test Drive both Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining (indeed, they share the same instance image on the Amazon cloud and you can run both exercises without having to spin them up separately.) The instances are good for three hours, which should be plenty of time to complete both.