New Amazon Test Drive Goes Live

How many times have you wanted to get your hands on the latest Oracle offerings only to find out you don't have the time for tedious installs or time and space to download gigantic prebuilt VM's? At work, all the “good” equipment is obviously used in production. At home, you may not have the horsepower to rope-start one of these huge VM's --or if you do, you end up cramming your civilian-grade IO-subsystem with more data than it can handle.

We have the answer...The Amazon Test drive! Simply put, from our website ( ) you can instantly provision an industrial strength instance, prebuilt, provisioned and ready to go for your evaluation and learning activities. This FREE offering also comes with hands-on lab write-ups to immediately showcase the exciting new features of Oracle's Business Intelligence Platform. We've teamed up with Oracle and Amazon to host Oracle's latest Sample-Application Virtual machine which contains Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Database and Analytics, and is full of data, examples and highlights created by Oracle Product Management. This is the fastest, most complete way to sample a wide variety of Oracle capabilities without the tedium of installing, patching and occasional profanity that accompanies these activities.

You can work through the labs, or simply take your own path to learn, evaluate and understand Oracle Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and related subjects. You are free to take advantage of this offering from your home, office, coffee shop or bar room. ...