OBIEE Test Drive Live in Orbitera with SampleApp 406

Vlamis's OBIEE and Map Views test drive has successfully migrated to the newest AWS platform and is ready for use, completing the migration of all Vlamis test drives to the new platform:

Our OBIEE test drive now also features the newest release of SampleApp v406.   SampleApp v406's upgrades include Mapviewer version 5 and Oracle Database 12c with the full pluggable database installed.

All three of our test drives run using actual Oracle software in Amazon Web Services's EC2 environment.  All three also give you hands-on experience with the software and a tour of the features. You can also use the environments to test the software "off-road" in your own way. If, after registration, you need additional time or need further instructions, simply send an email to and we would be glad to help you.