Top 10 Reasons to Attend BIWA Summit

Shyam Nath, my co-chair of BIWA Summit 2016, posted an excellent article on the top 10 reasons to attend BIWA Summit.  Oh, and if you have not heard, Super Early Bird registration deadline is September 15, so save yourself $50 and sign up in the next two weeks.

  1.  More than 50 presenters and 10+ exhibits—all related to Big Data, Analytics, BI, Spatial and IoT
  2.  Explore hot, new trends— in the Oracle ecosystem.
  3. Accelerate your Big Data / Analytics transformation—learn how to innovate and differentiate from fellow customers.
  4. Experience the software for yourself— well planned Hands on Labs.
  5. Meet one-to-one with industry experts—ask questions, get answers on what advanced analytics can do for you.
  6. Get on the inside track to what’s next—find out what is on the Product Roadmap from the Oracle Product Managers.
  7. And did we say have a lot of food and fun while doing it all.
  8. Meet some of the Global Data Warehouse and Big data Leaders.
  9. Bring back home professional socialization memories and Tips that you can put to use next Monday morning at work!
  10. Enjoy the great Oracle HQ campus, go for a walk along the lake.

There you go!  Sign up today at