Oracle Advanced Analytics iSeminar March 23rd at 2:00 PM Eastern 11:00 AM Pacific

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Join me for an in-depth exploration into predictive analytics using Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise.

If you’ve been wanting to expose your colleagues to the power of using the Oracle Database as a platform for predictive analytics, this special session will be perfect for you. We’ll use a combination of live demos and business use cases to explain that predictive analytics doesn’t require an advanced degree in mathematics, just a database and a few good business questions. We’ll share how to leverage the work you’ve done in building a data warehouse and collecting business data sets into solid evidence for business decisions. Predictive analytics is all about looking forward into the future and leveraging data to assess and evaluate alternative courses of action. Too often, executives and managers rely on gut instinct without using the data they already have to make better decisions.

Here’s the outline for the session:

  • Key issues in leveraging the power of analytics
  • Using Oracle database as an analytics platform.
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics overview
    • Oracle Data Mining
    • Oracle R Enterprise
  • Common use cases for predictive analytics
  • Where to start when developing your analytics capabilities

Bring your questions and your colleagues and start thinking about where you want to start with preditive analytics.

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