Dan and Tim Vlamis are Presenting at GLOC 2018!

This year the Great Lakes Oracle Conference will take place on May 16th and May 17th at the Cleveland Public Auditorium in Cleveland Ohio. This 2-day conference is packed full of informative and technical sessions suitable for all experience levels.

Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis have been accepted to present this year and will be involved in the following sessions:

May 16, 2018

Registration for the Great Lakes Oracle Conference is available by visiting the conference website.

Let us know if you are planning to attend GLOC 18, we would love to meet with you during the conference!

For more information on our presentations visit our website.

Join us at Collaborate 2018!

We are very excited to be attending and speaking at Collaborate 2018! Collaborate takes place from April 22 to 26, 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

This year our presentations include:

We would love to set aside some time to meet with you personally during the conference. Send us an email and let us know what days you are available and we'll reach out to schedule a meeting!

More information can be found at:

Analytics and Data Summit 2018

BIWA Summit returns in March of 2018 with a new name! This year the BIWA SIG has re-branded their flagship event as the "Analytics and Data Summit" to better encompass the technologies and strategies that will be covered. The Analytics and Data Summit is the premier conference focused exclusively on analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, and machine learning/predictive analytics. Attendees include a mixture of Oracle customers including, IT, executives, functional business users, consultants, and Oracle Product Management. If you are looking to network with passionate experts, this is your conference!

Analytics and Data Summit will take place from March 20 - 22 at the Oracle Conference Center at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood City, California. The full schedule for this event is available now.

Vlamis Software Solutions will be involved in the following presentations:

Tuesday, March 20

Wednesday, March 21

Thursday, March 22

More information is available on our Presentations Page.

Registration is open at http://analyticsanddatasummit.org/register/.

Creating a Property Graph on Oracle Database

Creating a Property Graph on Oracle Database

Oracle Database 12c now includes property graphs, a great feature to analyze relationships in your data, such as finding the most influential people in a social network or discovering patterns of fraud in financial transactions. 


Graph analysis can do things that the relational model can't do - or can't do without very complicated queries and expensive table joins.  For someone who has never touched a property graph before it can be a little intimidating to get started.  It doesn’t help that most examples seem to start big and kind of assume that you already know what you are doing.  So for the people who are interested in exploring the new property graph functionality of the Oracle Database but don’t have a clue how to get started I thought it would be helpful to put an example together that assumes you don’t know anything.

Vlamis Force Directed Graph Plugin

The Force Directed Graph plugin from Vlamis Software Solutions in collaboration with Oracle allows you to visualize your data by creating an interactive node and link diagram. Each node’s location is customizable and are held together by a simulated force. Nodes can be expanded or collapsed to show more data or hide unwanted data and the size of the node represents a customized measure. If you click and drag a node to a new location the remainder of the diagram reacts by redistributing other nodes to prevent overlap.

Force Directed Graph.png

Force Directed Graphs are effective at representing multi-level hierarchies and are highly engaging due to their initial “bounce and balance” effect. Nodes will display subordinate data if they are clicked and can be pinned to a customized location by clicking ad dragging. Examples of good use cases for this graph are: product hierarchies, field service organizations, and time hierarchies.


The Force Directed Graph Plugin is now live on the Oracle Analytics Library!

For more information visit our Force Directed Graph Plugin page!

We will continue to update this blog entry as information is available.