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OBIEE Test Drive Live in Orbitera with SampleApp 406

Vlamis's OBIEE and Map Views test drive has successfully migrated to the newest AWS platform and is ready for use, completing the migration of all Vlamis test drives to the new platform:

Our OBIEE test drive now also features the newest release of SampleApp v406.   SampleApp v406's upgrades include Mapviewer version 5 and Oracle Database 12c with the full pluggable database installed.

All three of our test drives run using actual Oracle software in Amazon Web Services's EC2 environment.  All three also give you hands-on experience with the software and a tour of the features. You can also use the environments to test the software "off-road" in your own way. If, after registration, you need additional time or need further instructions, simply send an email to and we would be glad to help you.

Test Drive the OBIEE - Sample Application (V309 R2)

We're thrilled to announce that SampleApp V309 is now available. While you can download SampleApp V309 for yourself, you can experience it yourself right now by taking Oracle technology for a "Test Drive" with step-by-step instructions on how to use this technology. We use SampleApp V309 as the basis for our test drives.

We have test drives for the following Oracle products:

All you need to do is register with a company email address and in the time that you can receive an email, you can be running the SampleApp application yourself—no diskspace or download required. We do not test all of SampleApp V309 (just our scripts), but the core OBIEE functionality against the Oracle database (including analytical options) should work on our Test Drive image. Please let us know about any issues. For a quick preview of SampleApp, try our OBIEE Test Drive to run this any time you want, download the virtual box machine image and run it yourself on your own hardware. Our thanks go to the SampleApp team for making this great resource available to the Oracle community!

For more information on SampleApp V309 see the SampleApp web page and their excellent YouTube channel.

Vlamis Presenting BIWA TechCast August 1

I will be presenting a BIWA TechCast on August 1 at 12:00pm Central time showcasing the new functionality found in OBIEE using the new V207 SampleApp just released by Oracle.  We'll also take the opportunity to show some of the many new features in V207 of SampleApp—definitely worth downloading the VM.

Here's the title and the abstract:

Title: Oracle BI New Features Including new BI Mobile iPad app
Oracle BI has been released, followed by the first bundle patch (BP1) that fixed a few bugs in  The two headline features in this release are a new version of BI Mobile with a new iPad app, and the release of Trellis charts, which were shown at last year's Oracle OpenWorld in the Exalytics presentations.  Join Dan Vlamis of Vlamis Software Solutions for a review of the new features in release  We'll demonstrate as many of them as the time allows.

Just to whet your appetite, here are some of the features we will discuss:

  • New Oracle BI Mobile HD iPad App
  • Trellis Views and Microcharts
  • New nested folders
  • Ability to hide presentation layer objects
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management improvements
  • Live demonstration

Join Dan as he shows us what's new in OBIEE
Click here to register for the TechCast.