BIC2g: December 2010 Image Now Available

We now have available the latest BIC2g environment for Oracle Partner Network members. This image includes Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, and BI Apps 9.7.5, and several additional updates. Please visit our BIC2g for Partners website for more information including the version numbers and pricing. We are continuing our discounts for those who have purchased previous editions. If you purchased the August 2010 image and are interested in this latest edition, there is a generous upgrade discount available. If you have any questions about the BIC2g image, please contact us at

BIC2g Updated - Now with 64bit OS

A major update to the BIC2g images is now available on our website at /bic2g.

Much of the Oracle software has been updated. A complete list is available at our website. The biggest news about this release is that it runs on Windows Server 2008 64-bit Standard Edition. This means that you can now apportion more than 3gb of physical RAM to the server, dramatically improving the performance of the image. This also means that whatever laptop, desktop, or server you use to host the image must be able to host a virtualized 64bit OS.

We now have a single offering: a VMware virtual machine including a license of Windows Server 2008 64-bit Standard Edition. Per Microsoft licensing rules, we cannot deliver an image without including a license of Windows Server 2008.

If you have any questions about the new image, send them to

Vlamis Interviewed about BIC2g at Oracle OpenWorld

I had a chance to be interviewed by John Gunn at Oracle OpenWorld about partners getting the BIC2g image.  There was a studio of sorts in the OPN lounge where they interviewed various partners about what they are doing.  It was a great opportunity for me to talk about the BIC2g program and get a video recorded.  Check out the recording posted on Youtube and also check out the BIC2g offering on our BIC2g web page.

BIC2g Image Overview Webcast Posted

We now have a webcast posted on our web site that covers an overview of the June 2009 image of BIC2g: BI & EPM.  Image from August 11 BIC2g webcastIn that webcast, we cover background of the BIC2g program, an overview of what is in the image, and how Oracle partners can receive a copy of the image for their own use. The link to the webcast is on the left side our our BIC2g page at .  We will be working on making this more visible in the future, but I wanted to get this blog post out ASAP.  In case you have a hard time locating the link under the "BIC2g Webcasts" heading, you can find a link directly to the webcast at this link.  We will add a link next week to "part 2" of our August 11 webcast where we actually demonstrate the image live and go over changes from the March 09 image to the June 09 image.

For anybody interested in the technology in how we recorded the webcast, let me know and I'll share details.  I felt it was important to let people be able to jump to individual slides and rewind and fast-forward through the audio that accompanies each slide. Personally, I find having to sit through an entire 1-hr webcast painful if I just want to review a specific section.  It takes more work for us to index the webcast, but I think the result is much more useful.  Please let us know if you agree.  We used Adobe's Presenter software to transform the Powerpoint file and the audio to the flash-based playback experience that we hope you enjoy.

BIC2g:BI&EPM June 2009 Image Overview Webcasts

Join us for a pair of webcasts on August 11, 2009 announcing the availability of the BIC2g: BI & EPM Jun09 Windows Demo Image for Oracle Partners.

Oracle's Business Intelligence Challenge To Go (BIC2g) demo environment has been extended to the Windows operating system through an exclusive arrangement with Vlamis Software Solutions, Microsoft, and Oracle. In the June 2009 image, the BIC2g: BI and BIC2g: EPM (Hyperion EPM) images have been combined and the Oracle software has been updated to the latest releases as of June 2009. These virtual machines contain a complete demonstration and training environment, with data sets, and demo scripts to support prospect and customer demos. It's also an ideal platform to support proofs of concept. They are available for purchase by Oracle Partner Network members.

The first webcast is targeted to people that are not familiar with the BIC2g program. The second webcast is targeted to users already familiar with the BIC2g program and will go into more depth about what is new and allow time for questions and answers.

BIC2g: BI & EPM Combined Image Announcement

August 11, 2009, 8:00am – 9:00am Pacific time
Enroll (you must be logged in to

  • Introduction to BIC2g program

  • Vision for BIC2g program

  • Background on why the BIC2g demo image came about

  • BIC2g:BI&EPM – what’s there for a BI audience (high-level)

  • BIC2g:BI&EPM – what’s there for an EPM audience (high-level)

  • How partners can obtain the image themselves – options available, pricing

BIC2g: BI & EPM June 2009 – What’s New?

August 11, 2009, 9:00am – 10:00am Pacific time
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  • Short introduction to BIC2g program

  • BIC2g:BI&EPM – what’s there for a BI audience (detailed screens, version numbers)

  • BIC2g:BI&EPM – what’s there for an EPM audience (detailed screens, version numbers)

  • How to obtain the image – options available, pricing, upgrade policy from March 2009 image

  • Q&A