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BIWA TechCast on OBIEE June 4

Oracle BI is now released!  I am going to be giving a BIWA Techcast about the new features in OBIEE, just like I did for OBIEE,,, and  The new release is available for download on OTN.  Join us on June 4, 2015 at noon Central US time as we run down the new features of OBIEE  Full abstract is below:

Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, as he breaks down the new (terminal 11g) release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Expect a fast-paced presentation with a live demo full of both “what” and “why” on as many of the most compelling new features as time allows including:

  • Sessions tracking in usage tracking
  • New Aggregation features including count distinct, chronological key, skip and ragged hierarchies
  • Hadoop Impala as a data source for faster integration with Hadoop
  • New OOB Visuals
  • New Custom Style Feature
  • Saved calculations in Webcat
  • Session variables for hierarchical
  • HTML 5 charts – configurable
  • Subject area search
  • New tree map visualization
  • Pivot table – vertical view
  • Export to Excel – multi-sheet, status

This live demonstration has been developed in collaboration with the Oracle BI SampleApp team and will include some upcoming features of Oracle BI SampleApp virtual machine image, including:

  • 12c DB Count Distinct
  • OBIEE + Big Data SQL
  • OBIEE + Impala
  • New visualizations
  • New BI Mobile App Developer apps
  • (many more that we will not have time to show

Register at join this session early at 12:00pm June 4, 2015 Central US time as attendance is limited. This TechCast is brought to you from the IOUG BIWA SIG (Independent Oracle Users Group Business Intelligence Data Warehouse and Analytics Special Interest Group)

If you like this sort of content, join us at BIWA Summit 2016, January 26-28, 2016 at Oracle headquarters!

For those of you that can't wait for the webcast, Robin Moffat has an excellent blog entry on Rittman's blog about the new features.

Back by Popular Demand! OBIEE TechCast on April 18

Due to popular demand, the IOUG BIWA SIG is repeating the "What's New in OBIEE" TechCast on April 18 at 11:00am US Central time.  Join Dan Vlamis as he breaks down the new release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Expect a fast-paced presentation with a live demo full of both “what” and “why” on as many of the most compelling new features as time allows including: 

• New best data visualization wizard 
• New view types/data visualizations including Performance Tiles, Waterfall Charts, and more 
• New Trellis Chart enhancements and Actions 
• Freeze headers/scroll bars for tables and pivot tables 
• New dashboard layout options for multiple resolutions and mobile 
• New dashboard and analyses templating, printing, and saving capabilities 
• New Navigation Trail capabilities (bread crumbs) 
• Integration with Endeca search engine 
• New BI Mobile capabilities and features 
• New hierarchical column and group display choices 
• New BI Publisher layout enhancements, integration with dashboards, and data model features 
• View and manipulate BI content in SmartView in Excel 
• Enhanced export capabilities to MS Office and Excel 
• New Hadoop integration with Native HiveQL 
• Extended Essbase capabilities with OBI 
• New Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) integration and capabilities 
• Exalytics enhancements 

Register at gotowebinar early as availability is limited.  Please call 816-781-2880 or email with any questions or concerns.

Vlamis Presenting BIWA TechCast August 1

I will be presenting a BIWA TechCast on August 1 at 12:00pm Central time showcasing the new functionality found in OBIEE using the new V207 SampleApp just released by Oracle.  We'll also take the opportunity to show some of the many new features in V207 of SampleApp—definitely worth downloading the VM.

Here's the title and the abstract:

Title: Oracle BI New Features Including new BI Mobile iPad app
Oracle BI has been released, followed by the first bundle patch (BP1) that fixed a few bugs in  The two headline features in this release are a new version of BI Mobile with a new iPad app, and the release of Trellis charts, which were shown at last year's Oracle OpenWorld in the Exalytics presentations.  Join Dan Vlamis of Vlamis Software Solutions for a review of the new features in release  We'll demonstrate as many of them as the time allows.

Just to whet your appetite, here are some of the features we will discuss:

  • New Oracle BI Mobile HD iPad App
  • Trellis Views and Microcharts
  • New nested folders
  • Ability to hide presentation layer objects
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management improvements
  • Live demonstration

Join Dan as he shows us what's new in OBIEE
Click here to register for the TechCast.

Questions from BIWA TechCast

We had a fantastic turnout for the BIWA TechCast on February 29! The number of questions was a bit overwhelming. In an attempt to at least capture the questions, I'm posting them here. If I get a chance, I will try to address at least some of them. The order is a bit scrambled here. Sorry I don't have the chronological order. Answers to the questions I had time to address will be in the recording once it's been transcoded. You can find the PPT on our papers page under BIWA SIG TechCast. Here are all of the questions, unedited: