Looking for Participants in Oracle BI 12c Beta

We are already working with a few companies that are helping to proviude real-world examples of Oracle BI 12c migration stories.  Let us know if you can join us in evaluating Oracle BI 12c during the beta period.  We're especially looking for example RPD files to be migrated from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c so we can help Oracle shake out any issues with the migration before they button down the release.  What do you get out of it?  The chance to see how *your* specific design reacts to the enhancements in Oracle BI 12c and the chance to see what the enhancements in 12c will enable you to do in the future.  Contact us today if you are interested in participating because this window of opportunity will close soon since the beta period only lasts so long.

BIWA TechCast on OBIEE June 4

Oracle BI is now released!  I am going to be giving a BIWA Techcast about the new features in OBIEE, just like I did for OBIEE,,, and  The new release is available for download on OTN.  Join us on June 4, 2015 at noon Central US time as we run down the new features of OBIEE  Full abstract is below:

Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, as he breaks down the new (terminal 11g) release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Expect a fast-paced presentation with a live demo full of both “what” and “why” on as many of the most compelling new features as time allows including:

  • Sessions tracking in usage tracking
  • New Aggregation features including count distinct, chronological key, skip and ragged hierarchies
  • Hadoop Impala as a data source for faster integration with Hadoop
  • New OOB Visuals
  • New Custom Style Feature
  • Saved calculations in Webcat
  • Session variables for hierarchical
  • HTML 5 charts – configurable
  • Subject area search
  • New tree map visualization
  • Pivot table – vertical view
  • Export to Excel – multi-sheet, status

This live demonstration has been developed in collaboration with the Oracle BI SampleApp team and will include some upcoming features of Oracle BI SampleApp virtual machine image, including:

  • 12c DB Count Distinct
  • OBIEE + Big Data SQL
  • OBIEE + Impala
  • New visualizations
  • New BI Mobile App Developer apps
  • (many more that we will not have time to show

Register at join this session early at 12:00pm June 4, 2015 Central US time as attendance is limited. This TechCast is brought to you from the IOUG BIWA SIG (Independent Oracle Users Group Business Intelligence Data Warehouse and Analytics Special Interest Group)

If you like this sort of content, join us at BIWA Summit 2016, January 26-28, 2016 at Oracle headquarters!

For those of you that can't wait for the webcast, Robin Moffat has an excellent blog entry on Rittman's blog about the new features.

Our New Book is Out! Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Webcast Feb 17

Techcast February 17, 1pm Eastern, 12 noon Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific

Dan and I will kick off the introduction of our new book from Oracle Press titled “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g” in a special IOUG BIWA Techcast on February 17, 2015 at noon Central.  Register here to attend .

We’ll cover some of the highlights from the book, take questions from the audience on their stickiest data visualization challenges, and offer advice on how to immediately improve your dashboards, visualizations, and analyses in OBIEE 11g.

Recognition of the importance of data visualization is growing every day in the business analytics community generally and in the Oracle business analytics audience specifically. We’ve seen the power of well-designed visualizations and how they deliver significant value to organizations through increased business insights, improved understanding of data relationships, and heightened engagement with business intelligence systems.

Heartland OUG Fall 2014 Meeting

We just returned from Omaha last night after our 8th time presenting at the Heartland Oracle User Group. This year we had an added bonus of attending a reception hosted by our good friends at Tallgrass Technologies. Not only did we partake in some great food and drink, we got to mingle with friends old and new while we watched Game 7 of the World Series. Unfortunately, the Royals did not come out victorious, but the evening was an overall success. Thank you, Tallgrass!Dan and Tim Vlamis presenting at Heartland OUG

The next day, Dan and Tim had the opportunity to deliver two presentations. (You can see them in action to the left.) In the morning, Tim presented "Starting Smart with Oracle Advanced Analytics". After a tasty lunch, Dan and Tim led a session called "Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g".  Both sessions were well attended. 

If you live in or near Omaha, and you haven't had the chance to attend the Heartland OUG meetings, then you should check them out. It is a well-run group, and their meetings are informative and a great way to network with other Oracle users in the area. Generally they have meetings twice yearly, in the spring and the fall. They are always interested in speakers and sponsors for the meetings. For more information on speaking, sponsoring or attending this great event, take a look at their website, or send an email to


Vlamis Allows the World to Try Oracle Software

All three of Vlamis's Oracle test drives have migrated to the new AWS Orbitera platform. We have free test drives for:

  • OBIEE (2 labs), 
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics (2 labs), and 
  • Oracle Big Data (5 labs) 

The OBIEE 11g Test Drive incorporates the newest version of SampleApp. With this new interface, you only need to register once for all of our test drives. 

In each case, we make Oracle content more accessible, allowing you to immediately use Oracle software with a dedicated virtual machine, alleviating the need to download a VM. There is a lot there, so you'll want to devote somewhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours to the test drive. We even have videos to watch that detail the process while you wait for your own private virtual machine to start up. You connect to your VM via a browser (BI), Windows Remote Desktop (OAA) or VNC (Big Data). 

 You can get more information and spin up your own test drive at