Integrating Oracle's business analytics solutions for America’s leading organizations since 1992.

What’s the best way to develop business intelligence and advanced analytics systems? Grow them, nurture them. Make sure they live and breathe and grow as business needs and environments change and evolve. It’s what we’ve always done.

We specialize in the analytic options to Oracle Database including Oracle Advanced Analytics (Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise), OLAP, Spatial and Graph, and Database In-Memory options and their integration with OBIEE and business analytics systems. Unlike many business intelligence “body shops”, we have deep technical knowledge of analytics. We work from the computation of predictive data mining algorithms and the intricacies of multi-dimensional OLAP cubes to the entire stack to the visual design of dashboards, graphs, and tables as informed by human cognition research.

We are Oracle Business Intelligence experts and have contributed to many of the world’s largest and most complex OBI implementations in everything from ETL and physical data source configuration to query optimization and performance tuning and from dimensional modeling for subject areas to dashboard design and data visualization standards development. We’ve trained several of the world’s largest corporations with the largest OBIEE footprints. We know the full BI analytics “stack” and all the various flavors of Oracle BI including BI Apps, BICS, BI MAD, OTBI, OTBIE, etc.


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