Oracle Advanced Analytics QuickStart

The Advanced Analytics Test Drive allows you to try using Oracle Data Mining. After signing up, you receive instructions on how to connect Windows Remote Desktop to a machine running Oracle SQL Developer and connect to a database hosted on Oracle’s Database Cloud Service. We provide a PDF file with full instructions on how to use Oracle Data Mining against a data set pre-loaded in the Oracle database. We also give you full SQL access to your very own Pluggable Database so that you may experiment as you wish.

2-Week Analytics QuickStart

This Quick Start package delivers a small Oracle Data Mining pilot project on your own data on Oracle’s pre-configured Database Cloud Service within two weeks, including the Oracle University (OU) ODM class. We start with OU’s newly-revised two-day class “Predictive Analytics using Oracle Data Mining Ed 1”. We then immediately build upon that material by leading a discussion where we identify a small subset of data we can use for a sample analysis, often a market basket analysis that identifies what products are often purchased together. We upload this data to the Oracle Database Cloud Service and build this analysis using Oracle Data Mining and show how you too can build your own models on your own data. Finally, with real business results from this analysis, we discuss extensions to this project, how to add additional data, or begin a similar project in a different business area.

2-Day Analytics Assessment

After this Analytics Assessment, organizations will have a roadmap for applying analytics in the database to several of their specific business problems. After some introductory material on Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise, we will lead a session that explores how your organization can benefit from Oracle Advanced Analytics. Participants should include a range of participants including technical people that know where the data resides as well as business users that know the business impact of analytics to an organization. The goal is to identify pilot projects with significant paybacks and business rationale. Deliverables include a presentation of finding and potential opportunities for use with executive management of the sponsoring firm.

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