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Oracle Analytics Cloud version 105.2.0 has too many big features for us to cover them all in a one-hour webcast, but we’ll do our best! A few of the major themes for this release include: a) closing the gap between two flavors of OAC (various names, but OCI, Autonomous, etc.), Enhanced Visualization Experiences, Collaboration and Actions, Enhanced Data flows, and Enterprise Data Sources. Some of these are big features – you’re going to want to learn about these!

Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, and President of Vlamis Software Solutions, as he walks through the new features. Just like our previous presentations (see for a list), this webinar will include a fast-paced presentation with a live demo of OAC including as many of the new features as time allows. New features we plan to cover include:

  1. Close OCI Admin Gaps

    1. Scale-up

    2. Additional Configure System Settings

    3. Increased System Limits

    4. Usage Tracking

    5. Java-script enablement

    6. Light Write back (Answers)

  2. Enhance Viz Expereince

    1. General UI Enhancements

    2. Improved Auto-Chart & Chart Selector

    3. Enhanced Chart-Vizs Properties

    4. Pivot Table Interactive Formatting

    5. Pivot Table Asymmetric selections

    6. Viz data-copy enhancements

    7. Relative Time filtering

    8. OSM Map Background,

    9. Points cluster layer

    10. Size-by on line layers

    11. Shapes edge & Map Dist. Selection

    12. Data point linked-annotations

  3. Collaborative & Actionable

    1. Project Read only Mode

    2. Sharing improvements

    3. Custom Actions plugins for DV

    4. BIP sourcing from Data Flows

  4. Deeper Data Flows

    1. Undo/redo, zoom, show labels

    2. New Branch Aggregate/Transform steps

    3. Single click rename/delete

    4. Customize Essbase cube outline

    5. DF Inspect details, Hourly Schedules

    6. Enhanced Job monitoring

    7. Enterprise Data Sources

    8. Snowflake Connector

    9. RDC Installer, Direct XSA Connector

    10. RDC New Datasources

    11. Data Prep Experience Enhancements

    12. SSO pass-on for OTBI Datasources