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Vlamis Software Solutions has been integrating Oracle's business analytics solutions for America’s leading organizations since 1992. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we understand the importance of keeping the best interest of the client in mind without sacrificing quality of work. We would love to work directly with you and the accounts you represent. Let us show you how we can help you bring value to your clients! View our brochure for more information.

Sales Contact Information

Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. Corporate Headquarters  Phone: (816)781-2880 Email:  sales@vlamis.com  40 Westwoods Dr Liberty, MO 64068 Twitter:  @vlamissoftware

Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters

Phone: (816)781-2880
Email: sales@vlamis.com
40 Westwoods Dr
Liberty, MO 64068
Twitter: @vlamissoftware


Dan Vlamis
Client Contracts
Direct: (816) 892-2188
Email: dvlamis@vlamis.com
Twitter: @dvlamis

Tim Vlamis
Vice President and Analytics Strategist
Sales Lead, Analytics, Data Scientist
Direct: (816) 744-4790
Email: tvlamis@vlamis.com
Twitter: @timvlamis

Doug Schieder
Business Development Manager
Sales Main Contact
Direct: (816) 875-9647
Email: dschieder@vlamis.com



  • "Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g" co-authored by Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis

  • "Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP The Guide to Oracle's Multidimensional Solution" co-authored by Dan Vlamis

Oracle Employees: you can have access to our book for free via Oracle's relationship with Safari Books!

Vlamis Cloud Analytics Bundle

If you are looking to get started with the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud, we have a new offering called the Vlamis Cloud Analytics Bundle that may be a perfect fit for you. The “Vlamis CAB” contains everything you would need to get up and running in the Oracle Cloud and well on your way to an implementation of OAC running
against your data in an ADW.

The Vlamis CAB includes:

  • Set up OAC

  • Set up ADW

  • Upload up to 5 data sources/tables

  • Joins and modeling

  • Up to 5 canvases/projects/20 visualizations

  • Presentation

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Documentation & resources

  • Mentoring

  • 1/2 day training (mentoring)

  • If possible:

    • Live connections

    • Additional user set up

    • Security integration

There are many additional options and add-ons to further customize your system.


Vlamis Force Directed Graph Plugin

Now available on the Oracle Analytics Library.

The Force Directed Graph plugin allows you to easily visualize hierarchical data.  You can click to expand and collapse nodes and each node’s location can be customized with dragging and pinning. The visualization automatically redistributes nodes to prevent overlap and each node is clickable to display subordinate data allowing you to visualize relationships.

Private Presentations

Oracle Partner Spotlight, September 2017 - Video

Oracle Partner Spotlight, August 2018 - Presentation PDF

Notable Presentations

Conference Presentations

Collaborate 2017 - OAUG April 2-6, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada

Developing a Strategic Connection with Business: Oracle Business Analytics at Beckman Coulter

Presented by Erik Lavin and Tim Vlamis

With 90 years of history and one of the most diverse foundations in the technologically competitive medical lab equipment industry, Beckman Coulter has a large and demanding user base. From a high energy sales force to a data loving team of service engineers and from a unit of high-powered data scientist researchers to a kaizen loving group of plant controllers and finance professionals, the Business Intelligence and Analytics team at Beckman Coulter must bring together rock solid data models while enabling creative and flexible ad hoc analytic development. Hear how Beckman is looking to the future with OBI 12c and Data Visualization while developing and their depth in predictive analytics.

BIWA Summit 2016, January 26-28, 2016 Redwood City, California

BI Movie Magic: Maps, Graphs, and BI Dashboards at AMC Theatres

Presented by Maury Carollo and Cathye Pendley

AMC Theatres is transforming the way they see their business data through the use of OBIEE map views and other visualizations as they transition from a traditional Hyperion Enterprise reporting environment to a progressive OBIEE 11g implementation. Showing a bubble for each theater and color-coding and sizing them according to various performance metrics makes previously hidden patterns easy to see. Management can now watch the effect of various theater programs and policies and track them over time with maps, graphs, attendance heat maps, and performance tiles. Learn how a team comprised of business users, executive sponsors, BI experts, and IT leaders are making a huge difference in the future of one of America's entertainment leaders. Expect real world lessons, practical tips, and honest discussion of tradeoffs.

BIWA Summit 2017, January 31-February 2, 2017 Redwood City, California

Data Visualization at SoundExchange - A Case Study

Presented by Cathye Pendley and Olly Wray

SoundExchange is the independent nonprofit organization that collects over $3 billion in digital performance royalties from Pandora, SiriusXM and most every American music streaming service and then distributes the money to over 110,000 artists and copyright holders. SoundExchange embarked on a mission to improve the quality of its Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) reports and dashboards. Come learn about the development of best practices and establishment of a standards manual that helped lead the effort. Hear about how executives are gleaning new insights from improved visualizations and dashboards in a live OBIEE system.

BIWA Summit 2017, January 31-February 2, 2017 Redwood City, California

Oracle BI at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Cathye Pendley

How do a bunch of rocket scientists use Oracle BI to manage their business? Join this case study to see how JPL keeps track of how they track their projects, whether it be internal projects, or projects to send spacecraft to Mars. Included are assessments of various BI tools, data warehouse schemas, methods to manage metadata, and data visualization. We will also cover benefits of moving to Oracle BI version 12, including Data Visualization and the implications this has for data exploration and how this changes how JPL provides ad-hoc access to their data.

BIWA Summit 2017, January 31-February 2, 2017 Redwood City, California

Data Visualization for Oracle BI 12c and Visual Analyzer

Presented by Tim Vlamis and Dan Vlamis

Oracle's Visual Analyzer tool is especially designed for data exploration, whereas traditional OBIEE dashboards tend to be designed for data explanation. How do you provide best practices for how to explore data, since this tends to be more ad hoc in nature? What training and guidance beyond the built-in suggestion engine should you employ? How do and when should you include Visual Analyzer insights on existing OBIEE dashboards? How does Visual Analyzer change the way we visualize data and develop analyses and dashboards? Join the conversation as we explore these topics in an engaging presentation.
This presentation updates the popular presentation on Data Visualization for Oracle BI 11g, updating the topic for the 12c release.

For a full list of presentations please visit our presentations page.

Published Blog Entries

Oracle Database Insider, November 14, 2016
Using the Oracle Database for an Analytic Warehouse

Oracle Database Insider, May 5, 2017
For Organizations New to Predictive Analytics, Bet on a Process and Not on a Project

We constantly update our blog with new entries as they are available. 


“I worked with the Vlamis team for months on various opportunities including a Velocity win at Tektronix. They really know analytics, are a pleasure to work with, and effectively balance the needs of the customer with our sales processes. I plan on bringing them in on future BI & Big Data opportunities.”

- Raquel Robinson, Business Analytics Rep, Oracle Digital


We can provide classroom-style instruction for as many as 12 students per class. Courses are available at our facilities near Kansas City, Missouri or on-site at your client's location. We can also provide individual hands-on remote mentoring using teleconferencing. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know! Classes can be custom-built to fit any need.



We understand that sometimes clients are looking to get up and running as quickly as possible. Vlamis QuickStarts are designed to get your client up and going as quickly as 1 week!