Vlamis is an Oracle Gold Partner and has worked closely with Oracle Corporation for more than 20 years. We have deep friendships and career defining relationships with many in the Oracle product management, Oracle sales, and Oracle executive leadership teams. Several on the Vlamis team have worked in Oracle or contributed directly to Oracle’s portfolio of products and services. 


APE Diagnostics from Troype is an excellent product for “full-stack” performance assessments of analytics systems. We have used APE Diagnostics very successfully to diagnose performance for OBIEE. APE Diagnostics gathers, parses, and organizes raw diagnostic data throughout a system including data warehouse databases, ETL process (it works with Informatica, DAC, and ODI), BI Server and dashboards. Vlamis is an authorized partner and reseller of Troype’s APE Diagnostics. 

Rexer Analytics


Founded in 2002, Rexer Analytics has provided Analytic CRM and data mining solutions to clients across a wide set of industries.  The company’s fraud detection solutions saved a client over $65 Million in fraud losses, and their customer retention work saved a client $11 Million (annual revenue).  Other solutions include predictive modeling to optimize direct marketing initiatives, customer segmentations, analyses of survey data, and automated disease diagnosis.