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We have partnered with Amazon to provide a free test drive of OBIEE, BI Publisher, Excel Analysis of OLAP data, Data Mining, Oracle R Enterprise and Map Views in OBIEE. Check it out at:

Test Drive Oracle Software

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide to you, free of charge, the opportunity to work, hands-on, with the latest of Oracle's Business Intelligence offerings. By signing up to one of the labs below, Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) environment will generate a complete server for you to work with.

These hands on labs are working with the actual Oracle software running on the Amazon Web Services EC2 environment. They each take approximately 2 hours to work through and will give you hands-on experience with the software and a tour of the features. If, after registration, you need additional time or need further instructions, simply reply to the registration email and we would be glad to help you.

Business Intelligence


This test drive will present a quick overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g and allow users to create reports and dashboards for themselves. The lab uses version of Oracle BI and showcases the following features: adhoc reports, graphs, maps, and color-coding.

Test Drive OBIEE

Map Views in OBIEE

This test drive will show you how to use OBIEE's new map views to reveal location based patterns in business intelligence data sets. You will see how to create new map views, add chloropleth layers, add variable shapes, and display different measures at different zoom layers. You’ll learn how OBIEE can incorporate spatial analytics and integrate large geo-spatial data sets for location based analysis.

Test Drive Map Views

Bi Publisher Coming Soon!


Database Analytics

Excel Analysis of OLAP Data

This test drive allows you to see how easy it is to view and analyze data using Microsoft Excel from data from the Oracle database. Data is stored in cube objects in the Oracle database using the Oracle OLAP option. This data is accessed in Excel via the MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP from Simba Technologies.

Test Drive Excel Analysis

Oracle Advanced Analytics/Oracle Data Mining

This test drive walks through some basic exercises in doing predictive analytics within an Oracle 11g Database instance using the Oracle Data Miner extension for Oracle SQL Developer. You use a drag-and-drop "workflow" interface to build a data mining model that predicts the likelihood of purchase for a set of prospects. Oracle Data Mining is ideal for automatically finding patterns, understanding relationships, and making predictions in large data sets.

Test Drive OAA/Oracle Data Mining

Oracle Advanced Analytics/Oracle R Enterprise

This test drive walks through some basic exercises with the R Language and Oracle R Enterprise. R is an open source statistical language that analyzes, manipulates and visualizes large data sets. Additionally, Oracle R Enterprise leverages the power of the Oracle database by transparently connecting an R application environment with potentially huge data sets residing within Oracle, eliminating the need to move these massive amounts of data up into an application environment for processing, analysis and visualization.

Test Drive OAA/Oracle R Enterprise


Big Data

Big Data Lite

This test drive walks through some basic exercises on the Big Data Lite Virtual Machine. The Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform.

Test Drive Big Data Lite