Vlamis Software Solutions offers a variety of full and half-day workshops. Our workshops are demonstration-based and audience participation is strongly encouraged.  Our workshops also include strong supporting content built on business use cases. 

For more information on our workshops please call 816.781.2880 or email sales@vlamis.com.

1-Day Workshop

Our 1-day workshop includes an overview of:

  • Table design including pivot table use, table sections, column prompts, and other strategies for displaying dimensional data in tables; column name and display conventions, conditional formatting, and more.
  • Graph design including use of bar graphs, line graphs, scatter graphs, pie graphs, and other graph and chart types. We also evaluate color usage, legend design, and other graph design choices.
  • Justification for maps and when to use them including the basics of MapViewer, creating choropleth maps, color choice, combining data sets on maps and using map feature layers, and more.
  • Advanced visualizations including simple trellis charts, advanced trellis charts, extending native OBIEE data visualization, and more.
  • Dashboard layout and design including grid layout basics, prompt and navigation placement, visual association guides, view selectors, navigation strategies, and others.
  • Dashboard interactions, master-detail linking, creating and applying saved customizations, and dashboard prompts.
  • Optimizing OBIEE dashboards and content for mobile devices and general principles for effective data visualization on all mobile devices.
  • Other visualization topics such as principles of design, color, recommended visualizations and best practices.

Half-Day Workshop

Our half-day workshop includes an overview of:

  • Table design including pivot tables, table views, and conditional formatting.
  • Graph design, including different types of graphs and when to use them.
  • Dashboard layout and Design, grid layout basics, placement, and more.
  • Interactivity including drill paths, master-detail linking, dashboard page organization, alert notifications, and action links. We also evaluate right-click usage for tables and graphs with selection steps.
  • Front End Data Customizations including filters, custom binning strategies, selection steps, custom calculations, default formatting, and more.

1-Day guided Workshop

In this guided workshop participants get exposed to Oracle Data Mining (ODM) and Oracle R Enterprise (ORE), components of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option of the Oracle Database. Participants will generate data mining algorithms using a GUI in SQL Developer against data sets residing in an Oracle database. They will see then how this can be extended using the analytics language R against the same Oracle database, without having to move the data off of the server.

  • See clustering techniques for market/product segmentation including K-Means, Orthogonal Partitioning aand Expectation Maximization
  • Understand classification algorithm comparison including GLM, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Naïve Bayes for customer churn analysis, employee retention, and more.
  • See how initial profiling and automated data preparation saves hundreds of hours on typical projects
  • Understand how to leverage the power of R, the most sophisticated and highly developed language for predictive analytics and statistical processing.
  • Understand how to integrate Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise in daily operational workflows.

These workshops are for those organizations who want users to learn with their internal data sets. Vlamis will identify appropriate use cases and develop an initial set of custom exercises that showcase advanced techniques and analytical frameworks. Participants then work to analyze their own BYOD data sets with the guidance and mentorship of Vlamis experts. Advanced preparation is required to ready business cases, data sets, and configure environments. This workshop is especially designed for power users that are often frustrated by the pace of traditional training. Previous workshops have resulted in generating extremely high returns with only a few days work.

  • Custom built on your data
  •  Leverages Vlamis’ extensive set of frameworks, tools, and best practices for visual analytics and predictive modeling.
  • Best hands-on learning technique for power users
  • Requires pre-workshop preparation ensuring participant “buy-in”
  • Generates significant returns
  • Great for “train-the-trainer” programs

For more information on our workshops please call 816.781.2880 or email sales@vlamis.com.